September 2010

Community: Question Time

Two important questions came in today.

How do you learn about wine, and obtain basic sommelier knowledge?
The Court of Master Sommeliers have a great site.
At the momment I have some spare time available, call me at 646-470-WINE for help and advice.
I am also prettty good at helping folks in the wine store.

Next Question:

This is the season for charity auctions, those that give always need to know the true value of thier donation is the site to go to. I will also help. All of you! drive safe this weekend.


Drinking advice for young adults:

It is very surprising how little attention is given to the vast number of drinking incidents that involve teenagers and people in thier twenties. Alcohol awareness is a very important subject which there is very little training.

It is a well documented fact that every alcoholic drink has at least one half ounce of raw alcohol, which remains in the body for at least an hour.

Cabernet deals:

For many years I have been sent information from The Wine Sellar and Brasserie in California. I understand that it is a well run operation. They are promoting a good Cabernet from Napa Valley, Hall 2006, for $29.99, it is a 94 point wine if it means any thing. To check any wine price you simply go to

I had the wine three days ago, it really is a great deal, it was competing with wines three times the price, it must be easily available. Try it, and let me know what you think, but..... open it for three hours before you drink it.

Barbaresco revisited:

What a great lunch.

Ribs and Barbaresco do go together very well, so does good quality well aged, not over aged beef.

Do you want a new pairing for Chocolate Souffle?

You got it, Barbaresco Il Bricco 2004 from Pio Cesare.

It was a great three hour affair, I look forward to doing it all over again in another month.

Change of venue, new wine choices.

Cheval Blanc 2009

Chateau Cheval Blanc, that great wine from Saint Emillion Bordeaux, made with Cabernet Franc and Merlot.
The 2009 vintage has more Merlot in the blend than Cabernet Franc,the vinyard is actually planted with more Cabernet.

Most tatsters were impressed with the aromas of black fruits, and hints of chocolate.

When the wine arrives in a years time, true tatsters will have to wait ten years before it starts to show, and it's life is expected to continue past thirty five years.