Where is Barrie?

Paris in the fall. . .Ahh. . .I can smell it!

After a full month of planning, our forthcoming trip to Europe is well researched, booked and three weeks away. Or has it already begun? When the plans are made, you are already being drawn into the wonderful sights and sounds of Paris.
Just two full days exploring the Left Bank of Paris. Only three questions:
1. What do we see?
2. Where do we visit?
3. Where do we eat?

Starting another Wine Course

Over the years, and over the World, I have lectured on many subjects, now is the time to start another series.

The first subject will be Sparling Wines, the second will be an introduction to wine, and for those who think that introducing wine would be a better approach, here is my answer.

Sparkling wine is made all over the world, you make wine, then you after that the sparkles. MOST FOLK ENJOY SPARKLING WINE, it can accompany most foods. Some do not like white, some do not like red, some do not like sweet, others do not like dry, it is a good opener to a course.

All in day's work.

It is a well known fact that for the last six weeks I have been working in the Wine department at COSTCO, Linwood road, Kansas City. The choice of products sold are well documented, high end wines often less expensive than other retailers.

What caught my eye was the amazing selection of white wines. Chardonnays from three continents, unoaked, unfiltered, unfined and single vineyards. Viogniers from three different states, and another two countries.
Fume Blancs from California, hide between thier counter part the Sauvignon blanc.

Another Great Meal

Having gained ten pounds this month, I now trying to loose it during November, last night did not help.

It was a great night, the thirty minute drive each way on I435 was worth it.

Relaunch of Passport to Wine:

I am so excited to be working with the Latin Bistro, when we get together on Saturday November 6th. at 11:00 in the morning for our first Passport to wine course. The first section is designed to take two weeks.
The last course which took place in England, lasted eight years with the same people attending, can you believe that?

The purpose of the first session is to get an idea of the goals, and needs of the participants!

The cost for each session just $45.00