An Evening In A Steakhouse

Cabernet Sauvignon is the most sought after grape variety in today’s market. Cabernet’s fruit forward, light tannic, and moderate weight works well with steak house style meats. Flavors of the cabernet grape include blackcurrant, chocolate, cedar, and well brewed tea. Best sauces to pair with a good cab are demi- glace, mustard and pepper based, and of course, all red wine liaisons. Best vegetables for pairing are mushrooms, squash, quality tomatoes, and Lyonnais potatoes.

Cabernet is difficult to pair with light meats and fish, and citrus based sauces.

If you want to be different try steaks with a glass white wine. Squeeze lemon over the steak and pair with a great fruity Sauvignon Blanc. You will be pleasantly surprised.