Starting another Wine Course

Over the years, and over the World, I have lectured on many subjects, now is the time to start another series.

The first subject will be Sparling Wines, the second will be an introduction to wine, and for those who think that introducing wine would be a better approach, here is my answer.

Sparkling wine is made all over the world, you make wine, then you after that the sparkles. MOST FOLK ENJOY SPARKLING WINE, it can accompany most foods. Some do not like white, some do not like red, some do not like sweet, others do not like dry, it is a good opener to a course.

Most wine courses do not suceed if you do not have people to attend, therefore my friend and accomplice at Costco Dwight Hight is setting up course Registration.

He can be reached at or 816 820 3248.

Please email him or use the phone.

My number 816 703 8284.