What happens after Turkey Day.

When you decide all of the options of using your left over Turkey, look at the things you can do with those bottles of wine that are not quite finished. Please put them in a refriderator, make sure there is some form of closure.

You have three days to consume them. Reds just have to be put at room temperature for about ninty minutes to get up to room temp.

If you are day four, add lemonade to red wines, and soda to white, for a long drink.

Another choice is to make any kind of Sangria.

The Turkey day wine thoughts.

Lots of food , lots of flavours, lots of fun.

Kendall Jackson makes wine for every type of taste, food and price. Go to your friendly wine store and ask about these wines, not all of thier products have KJ on the label.

For a sparkler there are many from California to choose from. Schramsberg have some good valued products.

If you are in a store and you want some advice call me, 816 703 8284.

Have a great weekend!

Barrie Larvin

Passport to Wine

This course will run until the end of the year:

The forty five minute teaching session will focus on history, interesting facts, the main reason wines differ in taste.

I always say it takes one hundred days of sunshine to make a bottle of wine, sub soils and micro climate are crucial.

Wine and food pairings are going to be discussed.

Give me a call 816 703 8284.

Another Great Meal

Having gained ten pounds this month, I now trying to loose it during November, last night did not help.

It was a great night, the thirty minute drive each way on I435 was worth it.

It really is Another day in Paradise, and Five o' Clock somewhere.

I have really had some fun trying to help other's over the past six months, one of which is sitting down and writing these Blog entries. I have a plastic file with my instructions,I try putting them to use several times every month.

I am looking forward to fniding out who will bid for my wine and appetizer pairing at the Tiny Tim Fantasy 2010.
The gifts and donantions benefit the Lee Ann Britain Infant Development Center, and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. For further details you can contact debbie.kipper@shawneemission.org

Port, styles and flavors.

My first trip at the age of 19 was to the vineyards of Port ugal, which of course included the Upper Douro, the home of the vine yards. The River Douro runs very close to the growing area. Some thirty years ago a hydro electric dam was built that made a difference to irrigation. The so called soil is a schistous rock, and it is true that dynamite is some times use to break up the ground to plant the nursery vines. Most of the grape varieties grown are form less than ten staples, although over eighty varieties are available.

Relaunch of Passport to Wine:

I am so excited to be working with the Latin Bistro, when we get together on Saturday November 6th. at 11:00 in the morning for our first Passport to wine course. The first section is designed to take two weeks.
The last course which took place in England, lasted eight years with the same people attending, can you believe that?

The purpose of the first session is to get an idea of the goals, and needs of the participants!

The cost for each session just $45.00


Community: Question Time

Two important questions came in today.

How do you learn about wine, and obtain basic sommelier knowledge?
The Court of Master Sommeliers have a great site. courtofmastersommeliers.com
At the momment I have some spare time available, call me at 646-470-WINE for help and advice.
I am also prettty good at helping folks in the wine store.

Next Question:

This is the season for charity auctions, those that give always need to know the true value of thier donation
winesearcher.com is the site to go to. I will also help. All of you! drive safe this weekend.


Drinking advice for young adults:

It is very surprising how little attention is given to the vast number of drinking incidents that involve teenagers and people in thier twenties. Alcohol awareness is a very important subject which there is very little training.

It is a well documented fact that every alcoholic drink has at least one half ounce of raw alcohol, which remains in the body for at least an hour.

Cabernet deals:

For many years I have been sent information from The Wine Sellar and Brasserie in California. I understand that it is a well run operation. They are promoting a good Cabernet from Napa Valley, Hall 2006, for $29.99, it is a 94 point wine if it means any thing. To check any wine price you simply go to winesearcher.com.

I had the wine three days ago, it really is a great deal, it was competing with wines three times the price, it must be easily available. Try it, and let me know what you think, but..... open it for three hours before you drink it.